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Asensio's future: This contract is about feeling important

Asensio's future: This contract is about feeling important

The professionalism they have all shown is beyond doubt, as is Carlo Ancelotti's confidence in them. Each case is different, as they have little to do with each other. 

Asensio has attracted several clubs, but his desire is to continue fulfilling his childhood dream of playing for Real Madrid. While Asensio wants to continue playing for the club, there have been difficult situations. 

The directors of Real Madrid have already made an offer. Other teams have contacted his agent Jorge Mendes, who is listening to all offers, but knows that Asensio's priority is to stay at Los Blancos. 

There should be more news about his future in the next two or three weeks and not just money. Asensio wants to feel that he is an important player for Ancelotti, and his salary is second to none.

 In the next meeting with the directors of Real Madrid, he will talk about his role in the team and not about the individual in his contract.

 Real Madrid are aware that every player's case is different and Asensio is special because of his ability to find the net, his strong goalscoring streak and the fact that he is 27 years old. 

More than a simple contract extension, Asensio managed to turn the situation around. Back in the summer, everything indicated that he could leave the club. 
However, Ancelotti put his trust and affection in Florentino Perez before the end of the year which led to a contract extension. 

The start of San Mames and part of Ancelotti's plans these days will help him make a final decision in the next two weeks. A

sensio has played in 12 league games but has only started 3 games, playing a total of 319 minutes and scoring one goal and providing 3 assists. 

He also appeared in three Copa del Rey matches (160 minutes on the field), while he took part in six Champions League matches (two goals and one assist in two starts) and two Supercopa matches. de EspaƱa. That's more than he expected for late summer. 

Ancelotti opened the door for Asensio to stay at Real Madrid, the international star of Spain did not give up, showing that he can add something to the team and wants to take a step forward.

 This is why he wants to renew his contract with Los Blancos.

Ancelotti: Real Madrid don't have a style because we don't want to have one Carlo Ancelotti says he doesn't want to go to Atletico Madrid ceo Gil Marin's, and he made a very interesting comment to people who think that Real Madrid is lacking in its performance. 

Ancelotti's main concern, however, is the upcoming match against Real Sociedad. "Real [Sociedad] are playing very well and they have a good dynamic," he said at his press conference. 

"We have to make progress in the first half. After what happened against Atleti, it is important to play a complete game offensively and defensively.

" He then gave his thoughts on Thursday's Copa del Rey quarter-final against Atletico Madrid. "It was a competition, even a game," he said. 
"I think we deserved to win for our side, the rest is something I will not talk about. 

"The only system I know is the one I'll use tomorrow." However, he made it clear his favorite structure. "4-2-3-1 is a system I like, especially in defense, sometimes Modric played there as a playmaker, sometimes Asensio, sometimes Rodrygo, he likes it, it is suitable to play behind the attack, I We think about everything

. "We played a lot of games like that," he said.

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